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The Wildey Silhouette

What is the best Silhouette Pistol?
Obviously the one that has the proper ergonomics and other features to best override the human error factors that haunt everybody striving for excellence in their shooting abilities.  At Wildey our goal has been, and continues to be, to build the best pistol we can.
This Pistol we call it the Wildey Silhouette, represents the collective thoughts of our customers and employees.   It is our answer to providing a handgun designed to insure, as much as possible, the ultimate in long range accuracy.  Features such as it's adjustable gas-system reduce recoil for rapid recovery or enable you to shut it off, charging the pistol manually between shots.  The calibers have proven themselves to be more than adequate to do the jobs for which they were intended.  Our latest addition, the .45 WILDEY MAGNUM combines the power capacity of the .475 with a .451 bore diameter.

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Specifications unique to this pistol:
Barrel length; 18 Inches
O/A length; 22 Inches
Weight; 4.9 Pounds
Trigger; Adjustable Single Action only
Forearm; American Walnut
Scope Mount Base; Standard

Note: This barrel assembly can be installed on any Wildey Pistol.

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