The WILDEY through the years.
A sampling of what the writers say about the Wildey pistol.


"The Wildey is most certainly among the most modern of handguns. The gas-action principle of operation has been thoroughly tested in many years of rifle and shotgun manufacture.  Wildey seems to have adapted the system quite successfully to handguns..........We see the Wildey as being primarily a sporting firearm, but there is no denying that a potential exist for it's application to both police and military."
Dr. Ralph C. Glaze

"I must say that I surprised myself when I shot the sub one-inch group.  I was hurrying to perform some velocity testing ....before a threatening rainstorm broke.   I was paying much more attention to make sure that the bullets were going over the skyscreens, and had to look twice through the spotting make sure my eyes were not playing tricks on me.  If a shooter rigs a scope on the Wildey Survivor I believe accuracy such as I achieved with open sights will be the norm..."
James E Fender

"One forty-yard shot at a concrete block practically reduced it to gravel.
This thing has awesome power, and I expected a corresponding amount of recoil.  This was not the case.  The gas system, the weight of the pistol, and its good balance and grip shape tamed the felt recoil to no more than a warm .44 Magnum load in a revolver.   Fired cases are not thrown into the next county...and the cases showed no deformation.
The sights are excellent, with a fully-adjustable rear and a nicely-ramped front, and there is a ventilated rib on the barrel section.   .....right for easy eye pick-up."
J.B. Wood

Worlds Most Powerful Auto Pistol
"Upon first examination of the Wildey Survivor, it looks like a lot of gun.   After one has the chance to strip it, fondle it and generally give it a pre-shoot workout, it still looks big.  It"s massive construction and obvious quality workmanship do give the shooter a feeling of confidence. ...Recoil was in the decidedly stout category, but was really not prohibitive. ...Once the gas regulator was adjusted (it took but three rounds), the Wildey functioned flawlessly, .....feeding and ejection ran 100%. ...The Wildey is a handful, but it needs to be to accommodate the pressure and punishment of the rounds it chambers.  I was impressed with the piece and feel that it would make an excellent hunting handgun.  As far as home defense goes, if you live in a rural area, I suppose it might be okay; though, really, no matter where you are, it seems to me a classic case of overkill (the intimidation factor would be considerable).
Garry James

looks at
From the
.45 Colt
to the
.45 Winchester
as chambered in this Wildey
Survivor on
the far right.

The felt recoil was not as mean as I expected ....Case ejection was not wild, thanks to the adjustable gas system.
 The muzzle flash and the sound were marvelous.  Ear protection is mandatory!   ....the Wildey put five rounds in the black of a standard target with regularity.   At fifty feet the groups stayed around two inches, with a few less.  When I fired at forty yards, the groups opened a little, as expected, but the worst was only 4½ inches.  A shooter more experienced shooting a scoped handgun could probably do better.
J B Wood

The trigger is grooved; the slide lock lever, cam lever of Wildey are well positioned for convenient use.
Design of the gun's gas regulator and piston is simple and effective.
Hal Swiggett
from Hunting for Handgunners

At Left Hal poses with a large Sika buck taken at 50 yards with a Wildey in 45 Winchester, 10" barrel.

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