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The Wildey PIN GUN
Many of our customers have told us they use our pistols for Bowling Pin Shooting with great success.  A reduced load in the .475 "knocks "em over and off the table instead of punchin' a hole through 'em and settin  'em to spinning."  Recovery time for the next shot being a major factor, we felt the addition of a Muzzle Brake would be a big plus.  It works!   There are many other applications for this model we are sure you can think of.

Specifications unique to this pistol:
Barrel Lengths, including brake; 7", 8" (illustrated), 10", 12", and 14"
Weight; (8") 4.09 pounds

Suggested Retail Prices start at $2300.00

Barrel Assemblies with the muzzle break attatched are adaptable to any Wildey Pistol.
Suggested Retail Prices on barrel assemblies start at: $850.00.

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