Wildey's  F A Q s
What is the difference between the Hunter and Survivor Models?
The Hunter has a matte finish, and the Survivor has a satin finish.  Both models have taken their share of game.

How many rounds will the clip hold?
The .45 Win. Mag. clip holds seven rounds.  Clips for the .475 & .45 Wildey  Mag. hold six rounds.

How many clips come with a gun?
One.  Additional clips are available.

What is the trigger pull?
About 4 pounds from the factory.  An adjustable single action is available for the serious shooter.

What factory ammo is available?
We manufacture .475 Wildey Mag. ammo in 230 gr. FMJ, and JHP or JSP bullets in 265 gr., 300gr., and 350 gr.  In .45 Wildey Mag. a 230 gr. FMJ.  And will start offering a 230 gr. FMJ load for the .45 Win. Mag.  CLICK HERE to check out our ammo page.

Is the .475 Wildey Magnum a difficult cartridge to reload?
No, in fact it is a good cartridge to learn on.

How many times can the brass be reloaded?
Brass can easily last 20+ loadings.  Failure to properly adjust the gas regulator shortens brass life.

What is the largest game your .475 Wildey Magnum will handle?
Most people hunt deer and bear but each year we hear of success on the whole gamut including elk, moose, and brown bear.

How accurate is the Wildey Pistol?
With a little practice most can become rather proficient shooters.   We have streamlined the grip making it comfortable to just about any size hands.

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