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The Wildey CARBINE

Considering the power of the Wildey cartridges and the 45 Win. Mag. as chambered in our pistol, it was only logical that they should find a home in a carbine.

Designs that at one point in time would be considered unconventional, are now the norm.  By adapting our pistol frame so that a skeleton stock could be firmly attached, increasing the barrel length and adding a forearm, we feel we have come up with a unique weapon that has many pratical applications.  Due to the short action, we are able to provide a weapon that has an 18 inch barrel with an O/A lenght of just 32 inches (a full six inches shorter than most carbines with the same barrel length).  The stock and forearm are American Walnut (we're not into plastic).  The scope mount base (standard) is positioned for the utilization of the Leupold Scout Scope, considered by experts to be the fastest sighting system there is.  If you prefer, you can use any one of a number of other sighting systems that will attach to a Weaver type base.
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Specifications unique to the Wildey Carbine:
Barrel Length: 18 Inches
O/A Length: 32 Inches
Weight: 6.75 Pounds
Stock and Forearm: American Walnut
Sights: Scope Mount Base (Weaver Type) on full length ventilated rib.
Trigger: Adjustable Single Action


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