"Wildey's Back!"
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At USA Firearms Corp-Wildey Guns, we specialize in designing and supplying top quality, cutting edge firearms and supplies. Located in Winsted, we offer our clients two distinct services, an ammo supply store and a gun shop, to meet all of their firearm service needs.

With the rapid growth of technology in today's world, it is often difficult to keep up with the newest innovative guns and equipment available on the market. USA Firearms Corp-Wildey Guns's equipment supply store stocks several avant-garde products to meet the equipment and tool needs of all local businesses.

Our gun shop employees pride themselves on their quality work, innovative solutions to difficult design problems and competitive pricing plans. They are particularly experienced with large projects that require the integration of multiple technologies and materials. All of our custom firearms are supported by a guarantee that it will increase performance and simplify production processes. Technical support is offered for all custom-designs.

The WILDEY guns get their name from Mr. Wildey  J. Moore.   Wil is the brainchild behind this high pressure auto design.  He holds the design patents and developed the .475 Wildey Magnum cartridge.  To trace his career you will find a self-taught individual that learned the business from the ground up.
  Starting at the gun parts company Stoeger Corp, Wil learned what parts broke constantly.  He would look at them, analyze them, and learn the flaws of their design.  The variety of parts Stoeger sold taught him well.  Wil went on to work extensively with Winchester.  And later helped Husqvarna adapt their firearms to the American market.
 Today at the helm of Wildey F.A. Wil oversees the production of each firearm, and continues to tinker on new products like the new rifle design.
 In the past Mr. Moore has run for the US Senate.  As an outspoken advocate of individual rights, and freedoms, Wil vigorously defends the Constitution and the right to bear arms.   Self-educated, inventor, entrepreneur, public speaker, Wil represents the America that the founding fathers knew.
 If you are looking for a firearm we invite you to consider owning the best, one that represents American ingenuity and freedom, own a WILDEY.
Left: Wildey Moore (Founder of Wildey FA and Genius behind the gun itself); Right: Charles Bronson (famous Hollywood Actor, stared in Death Wish 3 with his own Wildey)
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